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What we do ?

Let's pretend that Progarithm is a system which is solving problems.
Have a problem? Solve now!

  • Data Analysis

    Need analyse on your data? Don't worry Progarithm is next to you. We can help you with any kind of reports, charts, regression, migration, etc..

  • Web applications

    We'll happy to help you with web applications. The advantages of webapps are too many, its cross platform, its synchronizing, etc..

  • Database design

    Perfect designed database - half of development process!
    Progarithm can provide you the most optimized database, based on your business model.

  • Mobile Applications

    We walk together with trends. It's very cool when all data is in your pocket, right? So imagine how it will be comfortabile for your clients!

  • Hybrid applications

    Develop once, use anywhere, professional hybriding here.
    Hybrid applications are so economical, code X times less, use in X times more places!

  • Facebook applications

    FB applications one of the best ways to develop your business. Today facebook applications are more reachable to users than a websites, so using social network as a promotional tool is a good idea;)

Of course this isn't whole list of our services, your case is an individual? Let us to know


Progarithm's developed product


About Abacus - business analyzer.

Perfect tool to analyze your business data, compare with other existing businesses, find solutions how to improve your business.
The Progartihm crawlers working 30/7/24, and they can digg and find out the data you need.

What can Abacus do?

  • Analyze your business on your databases.
  • Crawl from internet business data which is similar to yours.
  • Regression analysis.
  • Matches the patterns and suggests changes in your business.
  • Exception reports.
  • Business simulator.

Used technologies

C#, Phyton, PHP

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